Transitioning back to school…

Transitioning back to school…

I have read lots of articles in the last few days explaining how to transition your child ready for back to school. But where is my transitioning guide for me to cope with going back to school / work!?
I am lucky enough to have a job at a school so I work term time, which means I get the holidays off but that really stuffs up my routine: I work long hours during term time and I only get the occasionally weekend off so I do lots of paperwork, reports, risk assessments, planning and preparation. It takes hours to get things done and most of this has to be done at home, so my daily work life is from 8am – 9.15pm plus a few hours each evening so my bed times can sometimes be 1 or 2 in the morning depending on what needs to be done – so when I get home it is literally none stop but it helps it keeps me so busy thinking about everything else so I don’t have to think about myself or my issues. So I do generally sleep, once I am in bed! 

So trying to just stop from this is extremely difficult it’s like asking Usain bolt to suddenly stop still mid race I think even he would fall flat. This is how I feel when I break up – I feel that I have literally face planted the floor at 100mph!! 
So imagine the opposite trying to pick yourself up off the floor when relaxed and then running 100mph back into to the race, that is what it feels like to me that is going back to work!?!
I need more than transition I need breaking into work gently but this doesn’t happen – I hit the floor running with training days, small talk, communication, eye contact, social situations and trying to fit in along with lots of paperwork and juggling settling in for myself and the young people I look after and that’s when it all starts again. The first few days are the busiest and I feel like I have been hit by a non- stop train and simply can’t get off…. 

So transition, please tell me where do I start as an adult!!!….


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