I am…

I am…

I suffer from, I have, I live with, I am…how do you describe your autism? 

It depends on what day, how I feel, and who asks or who I choose to tell. 

I am trying to be upfront and honest to get it out in the open to stop people thinking I am odd by informing them for the get go, It tells them straight from the start I have a condition, disability, my whatever and this is it, this is me I may act oddly but it’s my condition, my illness, my desease, my disability, my me! However you want to describe it. 

It’s odd the way people describe it I just say I am autistic and look for their reaction sometimes they give it away in their smile or their eyes, I can see pity, disbelief and acceptance in the way you turn up your upper lip or the look in your eye. I may find reading social cues difficult but sometimes your emotion shows in the crease of your mouth or the look on your eyes, I learnt this from my job I look at your mouth when you talk to me because it gives me a clue in your feelings and then that tells me how to react…


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